Senpet Schools

Basic Schools

Senpet Legionnaire (Warrior)

Before the Yodotai invasion, the Senpet Empire boasted of a highly and trained loyal army that numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Those warriors could fight in any situation, regardless of whether they were in the middle of the desert or in the mountains of the Yobanjin. The Senpet legionnaire was the paragon of skilled ruthlessness.

  • Benefit: +1 Reflexes
  • Integrity: 4.5
  • Skills: Battle, Defense, Hunting (Survival), Swordmanship, Lore: Theology 2, any one Skill.
  • Outfit: Khopesh, shamsir, chain shirt, sandals, tunic, traveling pack, any one weapon, 5 copper.


Rank 1: Divine Insight
You add your Lore: Theology skill to the benefit gained from assuming the Center Stance and to your Armor TN while in the Center Stance. You gain +1k1 to all Hunting (Survival) Rolls in the desert.

Rank 2: Divine Strength
You may spend one Void Point to roll an additional +1k1 damage with any weapon.

Rank 3: Divine Retribution
You may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while using weapons with the Senpet keyword.

Rank 4: The Gods Protect Me
When assuming the Center Stance you may spend a Void Point to gain +20 to your Armor TN. This effect ends at the start of the Reactions Stage during which it was activated and thus does not apply during the Strike Stage of a duel.

Rank 5: The Gods Guide my Hand
Once per skirmish you may spend a Void Point to gain +4k1 to Attack Rolls for one round.

Senpet Charioteer (Warrior)

The Senpet military has many advantages over its opponents that are nearly unique to this nation. Among them is the chariot, a marvelous technology that is feared by all enemies who must march against it. It is a two-wheeled cart that is drawn by one or two horses. Those who fight on a chariot are often skilled spearmen or archers.

  • Benefit: +1 Agility
  • Integrity: 4.5
  • Skills: Archery, Battle, Horsemanship (Chariot), Swordmanship, Lore: Theology, any two Skills.
  • Outfit: Khopesh, composite bow, chain shirt, sandals, tunic, chariot, horse, traveling pack, any 20 arrows, 5 copper.


Rank 1: Ride Into Battle
When spending Void to increase your Armour TN you gain an additional bonus equal to your Lore: Theology Skill Ranks. While mounted on a chariot you gain a bonus of +1k0 to your Initiative Rolls.

Rank 2: Swift Volley
If you take 2 Simple Actions to move your full movement in a round while mounted on a chariot or in the Full Attack Stance, enemies in the Full Attack Stance cannot attack you, and spells cast against you suffer a +5 TN penalty to their Spellcasting Roll.

Rank 3: Speed is my Armor
While mounted on a chariot or in the Full Attack Stance you may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action.

Rank 4: Ruthless Advance
While mounted on a chariot or in the Full Attack Stance you may spend a Void Point to gain +3k0 to all Attack Rolls you make until the next Reactions Stage.

Rank 5: Deadly Strike
Once per skirmish, while mounted on a chariot or while assuming the Full Attack Stance, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to roll additional damage dice equal to your Lore: Theology Skill on all Damage Rolls until the Reactions Stage at the end of the round.

Senpet Sahir (Sahir)

The Senpet Sahir is one of the most impressive forces of magic in the Burning Sands. They have mastered the art of summoning jinn to their cause. They were the first to learn about ghul, khadi, and the darker aspects of magic. They have successfully integrated magic into the Senpet military. All in all, the Senpet Sahir is a person to be feared.

  • Benefit: +1 to any Trait
  • Integrity: 3.5
  • Skills: Defense, Medicine, Meditation, Spellcraft, Lore: Theology (Ten Thousand Gods) 2, any High or Bugei skill
  • Outfit: Sandals, tunic, traveling pack, 5 copper.
  • Technique: By the Grace of the Gods - At character creation, you choose a Discipline and gain a +1k1 bonus to all Spellcasting Rolls for that Discipline. You learn the Sahir spell Jinn Summoning 1, the first level of power of any Spell of your chosen Discipline, and the two following spells. You learn two additional spells at each level. Once per day per School Rank, you may spend a number of Void Points equal to your Lore: Theology Skill Rank on a Spellcasting Roll.

Sacrifice fo the Gods

  • Ring/Mastery: Earth 1
  • Range: Touch
  • Area of Effect: One target corpse.
  • Duration: Concentration + 1 minute.
  • Raises: Special (Permanent for 2 Raises)

While there are other ways to create ghuls, it is the most reliable means known for the Senpet. You must personally kill a human to activate this spell, then concentrate for 10 rounds. After this, the corpse animates as a ghul and follows your every order.

Voice of the Ten Thousand

  • Ring/Mastery: Fire 1
  • Range: Touch
  • Area of Effect: One person.
  • Duration: 1 minute.
  • Raises: None.

The caster infuses the target with the authority of the Senpet gods, allowing him to be heard by everyone nearby. For the duration of the spell, the target's voice can be heard by everyone within a hundred feet.

Advanced Schools

Avatar of the Ten Thousand (Warrior)

The Avatar of Ten Thousan dis part of a special unit inside the Senpet armies. He is not subject to the command of the senpet generals. Instead, they are a unit of the Senpet priesthood and follow the isntruction of the gods into battle. They are blessed by divine strength and divine fortune as they fight for the Ten Thousand. Soldiers that fight alongside the Avatars are cheered, knowing the gods truly stand with them.


  • Rings/Traits: Void 4
  • Skills: Lore: Theology 6


Rank 1: Might of the Ten Thousand
You may spend a Void Point at the beginning of combat. If you do, you and your allies gain a Free Raise to all attack rolls, and your allies gain one additional Void Point, for the duration of the skirmish.

Rank 2: Power of the Devout
You may pray to the Gods as a Complex Action. If you do, you and your allies within 30' add twice your Theology Skill Rank to their initiative roll, and you may make melee attacks as Simple Actions for a number of rounds equal to your Theology Skill Rank.

Rank 3: We Carry the Gods
When using the Rank 1 technique, each ally gains two Void Points instead of one, and you and your allies add your Theology Skill Rank to all damage rolls during the skirmish.

Alternate Paths

Ghul Destroyer

While the Ghul hunters are capable of handling most undead invasions, there are occasions where the monster is too deadly for conventional means of destruction. The Ghul Destroyer is a sahir that can bring forth the wrath of the Gods upon the abominations.

  • Replaces: Senpet Sahir 3
  • Requirements: None
  • Technique: Holy Devastation - Whenever you cast a spell that damages, impedes or destroys an undead creature, you gain a number of Free Raises equal to your School Rank.

Ghul Destroyer

The Senpet religion strikes everyone who does not know it intimately as bloody and cruel. Those who practice the worship of the Ten Thousand Gods do not disagree: they simply know it is necessary to maintain the strength of the Empire. One of the unfortunate side effects of those religious ceremonies is that they occasionately release undead monsters into the world. Over the course of the years the Senpet have created and refined the techniques used to destroy those creatures quickly and efficiently.

  • Replaces: Any Senpet Warrior 3
  • Requirements: None
  • Technique: Holy Strike - You gain a +3k1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls against undead creatures. Additionally, you gain a Free Raise to any Hunting Skill Rolls made for the purpose of finding the undead.
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