Jackal Schools

Basic Schools

Jani (Warrior)

Jani are the Jackals' rank-and-fileoperatives, and the stealthy toughs who know how to wield a blade and cut a purse, and move unnoticed through the streets. They also learn a bit of acting and something of the art of disguise. The Jani spend a great deal of time above ground and in the streets, serving as the Jackal's eys and ears.

  • Benefit: +1 Agility
  • Integrity: 1.5
  • Skills: Athletics, Brawling, Knives, Lore: Jackal, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Lore: Underworld (Medinaat al-Salaam)
  • Outfit: Dagger, light armor, robe or street clothes, boots or sandals, 1 copper.


Rank 1: Quicker Than the Eye
You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Initiative Rolls. You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Stealth Skill Rolls.

Rank 2: What the Eye Sees, What the Ear Hears
You gain an additional +1k0 to all Skill Rolls using Perception. When performing the Feint Maneuver using the Knives, Staves or Assassin Ranged Weapons Skills, you add +1k0 to your Attack and Damage Rolls.

Rank 3: Strike Quickly, Strike True
You gain a further +1k0 bonus to Initiative Rolls, Stealth Skill Rolls, and Perception based Rolls (+2k0 total). You gain a Free Raise when using the Disguise Emphasis of the Acting Skill.

Rank 4: Seen and Not Noticed
Making Attacks with the Knives, Staves or Assassin Ranged Weapons Skills is a Simple Action for you.

Rank 5: Blinding Speed
When attacking with the Knives, Staves or Assassin Ranged Weapons Skills you may make the Extra Attack Maneuver for only 3 Raises.

Necromancer (Sahir)

The practice of magic has never been a strong suite of the Jackals. However, they do possess dark and powerful knowledge of how to manipulate life and death that is unmatched by anyone except the Qabal. Only a few Jackals possess the will and the talent to become Necromancers. However, they are so focused that their spell mastery may as well be described as School Techniques rather than a list of spells available.

  • Benefit: +1 Intelligence
  • Integrity: 0.5
  • Skills: Lore: Anatomy, Knives, Lore: Jackal, Lore: Undead, Medicine, Craft: Poison, Staves
  • Outfit: Knife, staff, robe and sandals, traveling pack, 2 copper.


Rank 1: Initiate of Undeath
You may use the Soul of the Slayer to create Soul Jars. You gain three Mastery Levels of Spells from the Ghul Creation or Death Disciplines. You may cast each spell a number of times per day equal to your Earth Ring.

Rank 2: Master of Undeath and Death
You gain +2k0 on all Contested Rolls involving Willpower. You gain an additional 2 Mastery Levels from Ghul Creation or Death.

Rank 3: Creator of Undeath
You gain +1k0 to Intimidation, Deceit, and Sincerity Rolls and an additional 1 Mastery Level spell from Ghul Creation or Death.

Rank 4: Leader of Undead
When using Ghul Creation 1, you may make Raises to target additional Undead within range, at a rate of one extra target per Raise called. All Undead under your control gain a +1k0 bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls.

Rank 5: Agent of Death
All Undead created by the Necromancer will do your bidding until dismissed or another Necromancer steals control. Non-necromancers may not take control of your Undead.

Kabir (Diplomat)

It is easy to think the jackals' activities amount to more than blades flashing in dark alleys and obscene meddling with ghuls. BUt in fact someone has to represent the cult in situations where diplomacy is the order of the day, rather than terror and mayhem. The Kabir are the Jackals' masters of subtlety and finess. When the cult needs to represent itself to other factions, or even to the lesser criminal gangs of Medinaat al-Salaam, the Kabir take on that duty.

  • Benefit: +1 Awareness
  • Integrity: 2.5
  • Skills: Courtier, Sincerity (Deceit), knives, Medicine, Craft: Poison, Sleight of Hand, Lore: Underworld (Burning Sands)
  • Outfit: Knife, apothecary kit, clothes, shoes, traveling pack, 2 copper.

Rank 1: Rotting the Foundation
When spending a Void Point to enhance a Low Skill, you gain a +2k2 bonus to the Roll rather than the usual +1k1.

Rank 2: A Honeyed Tongue
You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Etiquette, Storytelling, Courtier and Deceit Rolls.

Rank 3: Killing with Subtlety
You gain a +2k0 bonus to all Poison and Sleight of Hand Rolls. You gain the Herbalism Emphasis of the Medicine Skill for free. If you already have this Emphasis, you gain 2 Experience Points.

Rank 4: Tearing Out the Foundation
You gain a +2k0 bonus to Stealth and Forgery Skill Rolls. You gain 1 Free Raise to any Skill Roll to destroy, disguise or otherwise alter a physical object.

Rank 5: Jackal Ambassador
You gain an additional +1k0 bonus to all Etiquette, Storytelling, Courtier and Deceit Rolls (for a total of +2k0). You may purchase the Perceived Honor Advantage for 1 less Experience Point per Rank. You receive a one-time gain of Experience Points equal to the Ranks of the Perceived Honor Advantage you had (if any) when you learned this Technique.

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