Crab Clan Schools
Crane Clan Schools
Dragon Clan Schools
Lion Clan Schools
Mantis Clan Schools
Phoenix Clan Schools
Scorpion Clan Schools
Spider Clan Schools
Unicorn Clan Schools

Minor Clan Schools
Imperial Family Schools
Monk Schools
Ronin Schools
Miscellaneous Schools

Lost Clans Schools

Tags will be provided for each school to show from which book it is taken:
[CR] Core Rule Book
[GC] Great Clans
[BoA] Book of Air
[BoE] Book of Earth
[BoF] Book of Fire
[BoW] Book of Water
[BoV] Book of Void
[EE] Emerald Empire
[EnE] Enemies of the Empire
[IH] Imperial Histories
[IH2] Imperial Histories 2
[NP] Naishou Province
[SE] Secrets of the Empire
[StE] Strongholds of the Empire
[S&F] Sword and Fan
[IA] The Imperial Archives

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