Ebonite Schools

Basic Schools

Ebonite Templars (Warrior)

The Templars are the basic soldiers of the Order of the Ebon Hand. The order is not particularly large, so its leaders make certain that every warrior among their ranks is well-trained and prepared to face almost any challenge that might present itself. The basic Templar has had several years of training and passed the Test of the Ebon Stone.

  • Benefit: +1 Reflexes
  • Integrity: 5.5
  • Skills: Defense, Investigation, Lore: Law, Lore: Theology, Swordmanship, any one Lore Skill, any one Skill.
  • Outfit: Sturdy clothing, traveling pack, ebonite armor, ebonite longsword, knife, 10 copper.


Rank 1: Tapping the Inner Strength
When facing an opponent with lower Integrity you roll an additional +1k0 on all Attack, Damage and Social Skill Rolls.

Rank 2: By Thy Will
During the Reactions Stage at the end of the round you may spend a Void Point to increase your Initiative score as if it was the beginning of the round. This increase lasts until the end of the skirmish.

Rank 3: The Ebon Hand
You may make attacks as a Simple Action when using weapons with the Warrior or Ebonite Keywords.

Rank 4: By Word Or By Sword
You may spend a Void Point to gain additional rolled dice equal to your half your Integrity (round down) on a single Social Skill Roll.

Rank 5: Will of the Stone
You may spend a Void Point to ignore all wound penalties (including Down and Out) for the remainder of the skirmish.

Alternate Paths

Ebonite Principle

The Principles are the highest ranked members of the Order. They are its officers, leaders and high priests. Each has surrendered part of their own spirit, replacing it with the strength and the power of the Ebon Stone. In doing so, they become something slightly more than human, and steel their soul against manipulation from even the darkest forces.

  • Replaces: Ebonite Templar 6
  • Requirements: Integrity 6.0+, Great Destiny
  • Technique: Soul of the Ebon Stone - You are immune to the Shadowlands Taint and corruption of the Lying Darkness.

Master of the Wolves

Wolves hold a special signifiance for the Order. Like the order, wolves work together to achieve goals. They are tenacious foes, hounding their enemies. As a result, in each generation templars are trained as the Master of the Wolves, a prestigious position within the order responsible for training and caring for the wolves that the Order keeps.

  • Replaces: Ebonite Templar 2
  • Requirements: Animal Handling 5
  • Technique: Brothers of Fang and Blade - When fighting alongside your pack of wolves you may spend Void Points to augment their Attack Rolls. If one of your wolves dies you immediately suffer 5 Wounds that cannot be prevented or reduced in any way.
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