Assassin Schools

Basic Classes

Assassin Slayer (Ninja)

The Assassin Slayer are the most common Class in the Order of the Mountain, as Slayers carry out the Assassins' bloody business. Each slayer is trained from all ages to view all confrontations as single combat, be it a conversation, a formalized duel, or an assassination attempt. It teaches them to focus on a single opponent, reading their every moment and determinating their weaknesses.

  • Benefit: +1 Agility
  • Integrity: 1.5
  • Skills: Acting, Athletics, Sincerity (Deceit), Stealth, Lore: Underworld, any one Weapon Skill, any one Skill
  • Outfit: Fine quality robes, Kindjal or Jambiya, any one weapon, a set of clothing, traveling pack, 10 copper.


Rank 1: All Shadows Walk in the Light
You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Acting, Sincerity (Deceit), Etiquette and Stealth Rolls. You gain +1k0 on Damage Rolls against opponents unaware of your presence.

Rank 2: Rite of Assassination
At the beginning of each day, you may nominate a target as subject to your Rite of Assassination. You gain a bonus to your Armor TN equal to your Ranks in the Stealth Skill, and this bonus is doubled against the target of your Rite of Assassination while facing him in combat or in Tahaadi Duels.

Rank 3: Let Him Bleed
Attacking a lone opponent or the target of your Rite of Assassination is a Simple Action for you.

Rank 4: Blood Calls for Blood
When facing a lone opponent or the target of your Rite of Assassination, you gain a bonus to all Attack and Contested Rolls equal to your Stealth Skill, and your Raises on Attack Rolls are no longer limited in any way.

Rank 5: Swifter Than Life Itself
Once per day when ambushing an opponent, facing a lone opponent or facing the target of your Rite of Assassination, you may switch your Initiative Score with your opponent’s at the end of the Initiative Stage.

Assassin Keeper (Ninja)

The Assassin Keeper historically served as guardians of the Hidden Keep of the Assassins. They were told to disable their foes so that their sisters could then dispatch an intruder. This made them especially suited for protecting key figures in the sect, especially since even older or injured assassin could easily kill a crippled attacker.

  • Benefit: +1 Reflexes
  • Integrity: 1.5
  • Skills: Athletics, Defense, Etiquette, Investigation (Notice), Swordmanship (Sayf-Saghir), Lore: Burning Sands, any one skills.
  • Outfit: Any two weapons, bow and 30 arrows, traveling pack, robes and kufi, light armor, 3 copper.


Rank 1: The Keeper’s Courage
You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Rolls involving the Perception Trait. When inflicting Wounds to an opponent, you may ignore half of their Reduction rating (round up).

Rank 2: The Keeper’s Judgment
When attacking an opponent, you may choose to disable them rather than wound them - dealing no damage, but inflicting the Dazed Conditional Effect on them instead.

Rank 3: The Keeper’s Justice
Making an Attack which does not inflict damage (such as the Rank 2 Techniques of this Class or initiating a grapple) is a Simple Action for you. If you make an attack as a Complex action and miss your opponent you may immediately attack using the Rank 2 technique as a Free Action.

Rank 4: The Keeper’s Art
The difficulty of resisting all Conditional Effects (including gaining control in a Grapple) you inflict is raised by an amount equal to twice your Class Rank. When attacking a Dazed opponent you may make 1 Raise on your Attack Roll. If your attack is successful that opponent is Fatigued until the end of the Skirmish (multiple applications of this technique are not cumulative).

Rank 5: By the Force of Will Alone
When adopting the Full Defense Stance you may choose one opponent: they must spend two Void Points in order to declare an attack against you. When adopting the Full Attack Stance you may spend a Void Point and choose one opponent: your Attack Rolls against them ignore all bonuses to their Armor TN that they gain from Stance, Skills, Mastery Abilities, Spells, Kiho or Techniques.

Advanced Schools

Assassin Duelist

There are masters of single combat, and there are the Assassin Duelists. Specializing in the one-on-one fighting rituals of the Assassins and the ritual combat common in the Burning Sands, the Assassin duelists are some of the most impressive warriors in the Jewel. Every moment the Duelist makes allow her to attack with supple grace, and every blow the duelist lands is potentially lethal.


  • Rings/Traits: Reflexes 4, Agility 4, Void 4
  • Skills: Knives 5, Tahaddi 5, Defense 3
  • Special: Must be a member of the Assassins or have Meditation 3.


Rank 1: The Tiger Claw Cut
You gain a +2k1 bonus to all rolls while in the Center Stance.

Rank 2: No Escape
You learn the secret rituals of the Mountain to undertake the Dance of a Thousand Knives. Once per turn while wielding a weapon in each hand, you may make the Extra Attack Maneuver for 3 Raises instead of 5. The second attack comes from your off-hand weapon, dealing weapon damage as appropriate. You may not increase your damage on either attack via Raises.

Rank 3: The Final Strike
You may spend any amount of Void to enhance Damage Rolls during a Tahaddi Duel.

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