Ashalan Schools

Basic Schools

Blood-Sworn (Warrior)

Created shortly after the Day of Wrath, the Blood-Sworn are dedicated to protect the Ashalan race against anything that would threaten their people, whether in the Burning Sands or abroad. They are consecrated by the Ishanti Crystal, and after this ritual they find that their senses have been sharpened and they have become truly the ideal guardians for their race.

  • Benefit: +1 Strength
  • Integrity: 5.5
  • Skills: Athletics, Battle (Skirmish), Defense, Swordmanship (Scimitar), Polearm (Khadja), Theology, any one Weapon skill.
  • Outfit: Scimitar, khadja, bow and 20 arrows, any two weapons, light armor, robe, boots, traveling pack, 5 copper.


Rank 1: Blessed by the Crystal
You may pass impressions and emotions to others who possess this technique within 500’ without speech. You may also sense the position of such others within 500’ if they wish to be sensed. You add your Class Rank to the total of all Rolls to resist Fear, the Intimidation Skill, the Temptation Skill and all other effects or Skill Rolls intended to prevent you from defending your people.

Rank 2: Your Blood is My Blood
A number of times per round equal to your Class Rank, you may absorb an amount of damage up to your Stamina + Insight Rank taken by an ally within 50’, transferring those wounds to yourself.

Rank 3: Fortification in Form
You gain a special form of Reduction equal to your Earth Ring. This Reduction stacks with the Reduction gained from armor or spells, but also applies (without stacking with other sources of Reduction) to wounds taken from non-physical sources, such as magic or the Rank 2 Technique of this Class.

Rank 4: To Fight for the Future
Making an attack is a Simple Action for you.

Rank 5: One is Never Truly Alone
If you are surrounded on three or more sides by enemies, or if you are fighting with no allies within 300’ of you, your Strength increases by 5 and you also gain an additional Wound Rank at the Nicked Wound Penalty level. These benefits disappear during the Reactions Stage of the round after which these conditions no longer apply. Any wounds suffered remain however, which may result in greater wound penalties or even death.

Children of Midnight (Sahir)

More appropriately called Sons or Daughters of Midnight, they hold the odd position of providing wisdom to a race of scholars and advisors. Seen as jack-of-all-trades, they act among their people as doctors, counselors, priests and sorcerers. When Ashalan have a problem they cannot solve, their first recourse is to ask one of those priests.

  • Benefit: +1 Awareness
  • Integrity: 4.5
  • Skills: Divination, Lore: History, Medicine, Meditation, Spellcraft, Lore: Theology (Lady Fate), any one Lore Skill.
  • Outfit: Scimitar, khadja, robe, boots, traveling pack, 5 copper.
  • Technique: Wisdom of the Stars - The Sahir learns spells as a Qabal Summoner, but begins with the Jinn Summoning Spell at level 1. The Sahir gains a Free Raise to spells from the Celestial Discipline. A number of times per day equal to their Class Rank as a Free Action they may switch this Free Raise to any other Discipline they wish, but they suffer a -1k0 penalty to Spellcasting Rolls of other Disciplines for the same duration.

Heart-Seekers (Warrior)

Heart-Seekers have dedicated their lives to fighting the khadi and those swayed by the Book of the Dead to do the khadi's bidding. Lammassar began the tradition of the Heart-Seekers shortly after the Khadi became known to the Ashalan. Trained in investigation, stealth and ruthless efficiency, the Heart-Seeker pursues a lonely trade, as trust can kill as surely as a sorcerer's spell.

  • Benefit: +1 Willpower
  • Integrity: 5.5
  • Skills: Battle (Khadi), Defense, Investigation, Lore: Khadi 1, Spellcraft, Stealth, any one weapon Skill
  • Outfit: Scimitar, khadja, bow and 100 arrow (any type), light armor, robe, boots, traveling pack, 3 copper.


Rank 1: Truth is My Ally
You gain a +2k0 bonus to all rolls involving finding something hidden or concealed, and against effects (mundane or magical) which would alter or mislead your perceptions.

Rank 2: Diligence is the Best Teacher
You gain a Free Raise to all Perception or Awareness based rolls.

Rank 3: One Mind, One Action
You gain a bonus equal to 2 x your Rank in this Class to your Armor TN. When targeted by a spell, you may make an Intelligence / Spellcraft Roll vs. a TN equal to the Spellcasting Roll to avoid the spells’ effects. If sufficient cover is available, you may instead make the roll using Agility / Stealth (Sneaking) to hide from the effect.

Rank 4: Bane of the Heartless
Making an attack with an Ashalan Weapon is a Simple Action for you. You may make a special attack requiring 3 Raises; in addition to the normal damage from this attack, your opponent must succeed at a Void Roll vs. a TN of 5 x your Insight Rank or suffer a +30 TN penalty to all Skill or Spellcasting Rolls and have their Water Ring reduced by your Rank in this Class (to a minimum of 1) for a number of rounds equal to your Rank in this Class.

Rank 5: My Will is My Fortress
All Spells, Skills or other effect (such as Fear) that would affect your mind have their TN increased by 5 x your Insight Rank, or you gain a bonus of the same size to resist the effect as the GM determines is appropriate. If you ever find a Khadi’s heart, you are utterly unaffected by that Khadi’s magic while you hold it.

Sun-Riders (Diplomat)

The Sun-Riders are the explorers and wanderers of the Ashalan, as well as the best guides in the Burning Sands. While some are among those banished from the City of the Seventh Star for their conduct, most go abroad out of simple curiosity or wanderlust. The Sun-Riders have seen the worst of what the desert offers and survived it, making them valuable to any caravan that passes through the Jewel of the Desert.

  • Benefit: +1 Agility
  • Integrity: 1.5
  • Skills: Athletics, Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting (Survival), Stealth (Sneaking), Swordmanship (Scimitar), Craft: Traps
  • Outfit: Scimitar, riding horse or camel, bow and 20 arrow (any type), tent, robe, boots, traveling pack, 8 copper.


Rank 1: Show the Lady no Fear
Your TN penalty for being in bright sunlight is reduced by your Sun-Rider School Rank, but you also lose your Shadow Cloak ability.

Rank 2: The Sun has No Mercy
You gain the ability to spend Void Points, but only on Sun-Rider related abilities. You may spend a Void Point to force all opponents within 15' to spend an additional Void Point to use any Technique, Spell, Kio or Kata. Additionally, you gain +1k0 to your attack and Iaijutsu rolls.

Rank 3: Dawn does not Come Twice
You add your Athletics to your Armor TN. You may spend a Void Point to add +2k0 to your attack and damage rolls against a single target with lower Initiative for one round.

Rank 4: The Ever-Shifting Sands
You gain +1k0 to all Athletics and Stealth skill rolls. You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action.

Rank 5: Sirocco of Steel
When attacking an opponent, you may make an Agility/Athletics SKill Roll against your opponent's Armor TN. If you succeed, you may make the Extra Attack manoeuver for only two Raises.

Alternate Paths

Ashalan Sandsmith

From the time of the Day of Wrath, the Ashalan have worked with the sand of the deserts, applying powerful magic and sacred rituals to replicate the crystal formed by Shilah's insane strikes against the desert and the jinn who would have destroyed her.

  • Replaces: Any Ashalan 4
  • Requirements: None
  • Technique: A Friend of the Sands - You may create crysteel weapons from sand and fire, using a complex ritual that requires at least 1 month of work per weapon. A similar ritual can be applied to crystal that has been crafted by other methods to transform it into crysteel.


At the GM’s discretion, Ranks in Warrior and Diplomat classes may count as Ranks in other Classes or Schools which perform magic, where the Ashalan has had a chance to study said magic. Sahir of this variety should be ancient and high Insight Rank and therefore are usually not suitable as PC’s. Most PCs taking Ashalan Classes are expected to be dominated humans who have been inducted into the Ashalan to protect and serve the diminished race. Given the powerful classes of the Ashalan, even these should be rare

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