Merchant Skills

Animal Handling (Awareness)

Sub-type: None
Emphases: By animal (Dogs, Horses, and Falcons are the most common)
Description: Animals play a vital role in a number of samurai endeavors, including recreation, transportation, or the actual waging of war. Horses and falcons are the animals most commonly trained by samurai, but a number of others exist: the Lion Clan uses trained warcats in battle, the Unicorn use war dogs, and many families use trained pigeons to carry correspondence.
The difficulty to domesticate and train an animal for use varies widely depending upon the animal in question.
Mastery Abilities:

  • Rank 3: Commonly domesticated animals such as dogs, horses, or falcons may be trained for use by others.
  • Rank 5: Trained animals still in possession of the trainer may be commanded to attack a target of his choosing. The animal will flee for its life if badly wounded regardless of commands issued.
  • Rank 7: Animals trained by the character may be issued commands non-verbally.

Commerce (Intelligence)

Sub-type: None
Emphases: Appraisal, Mathematics
Description: Occupations that involve money are distasteful to the samurai caste. They are not inherently dishonorable, of course, for it is absolutely necessary for a samurai to oversee such activities to ensure that his Clan and family are adequately provided for, but it is definitely considered something of a social stigma to deal in commerce. The actual day to day trading and conducting of business is typically left to merchant vassals, but it is not unheard of for samurai to have training in such matters. These individuals are typically referred to as "merchant patrons."
The Appraisal Emphasis allows you to quickly determine the approximate value of an object in any given market. The value will vary depending upon the quality of the object's construction, how exotic or unusual it is, and how practically it can be put to use. More exotic or rare objects are not only more expensive, but also are significantly more difficult to appraise properly. The Mathematics Emphasis is typically used to calculate things like taxes and tariffs, but can obviously be used in a number of non-business applications as well.
Mastery Ability:

  • Rank 5: The character may increase or decrease the price of an item he is buying or selling by a maximum of 20%.

Craft (Varies)

Sub-type: Macro-skill (includes Armorsmithing#, Blacksmithing, Bowyer#, Brewing, Carpentry, Cartography, Cobbling, Cooking, Farming, Fishing, Masonry, Mining, Poison*, Pottery, Shipbuilding, Tailoring, Weaponsmithing#, Weaving, etc.) [Note: sub-skills marked with a * are considered Low Skills; sub-skills marked with a # are considered High Skill]
Emphases: Varies by sub-skill
Description: If artisans are tasked with producing items that are considered abstract and beautiful by the people of the Empire, then craftsmen have the duty to create things of practical value. Blacksmiths, armorsmiths, cartwrights, carpenters, and shipwrights are all craftsmen. Fishermen and farmers are as well, although they do not produce an item but rather the food that is the lifeblood of the Empire. While crafting is not an honorable and noble a profession as being an artist, it is still highly valued and looked upon without stigma.
Mastery Abilities: None

Engineering (Intelligence)

Sub-types: Engineering is considered a Craft Skill for purposes of effects that target Craft Skills.
Emphases: Construction, Siege
Description: Far more complex than a simple crafting skill, engineering is a rare gift among the people of Rokugan, even the samurai who rule over it. It involves an understanding of how things are constructed and, as a result, how they can best be deconstructed. The siege engineers of the Kaiu family are the unquestioned masters of this, but there are others among other clans who have such gifts as well.
The Construction Emphasis specializes in making plans for others to follow, building things from a simple tower to an elaborate palace. The Siege Emphasis is the exact opposite of this, and tells you best how such things can be destroyed in battle.
Mastery Abilities:

  • Rank 5: The character gains a bonus of +5 to the total of any Engineering Skill Roll made as part of a Cooperative or Cumulative Skill Roll.

Sailing (Agility or Intelligence)

Sub-types: Sailing is considered a Craft Skill for purposes or effects that target Craft Skills
Emphases: Knot-work, Navigation
Description: Rokugan has a vast coastline, and there is a tremendous amount of activity on the sea during the majority of the year. Trade vessels and fishing vessels make their way across the shallow waters along the coast during spring, summer, and fall, and the hardier ships belonging to the Mantis Clan make the long voyage to and from the Islands of Silk and Spice even during the depths of winter.
The Navigation Emphasis can be used to determine your approximate location using the stars, and determine in what direction a specific destination lies (assuming you already know where the destination is and simply want to know where it is relative to you). Navigation can be used on land, but the TN is increased by +10 when doing so. The Knot-work Emphasis is used in working with ropes and cloths aboard a Rokugani sailing vessel.
Mastery Abilities:

  • Rank 5: The character gains a bonus of +5 to the total of any Sailing Skill Rolls made as part of a Cooperative or Cumulative Skill Roll.
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