Book Of The Void

Rokugani spells are actually prayers and invocations to the kami, spoken in a mystical tongue which the kami can understand. All shugenja study this speech as part of their schooling. These prayers are complex, and most shugenja must read them from scrolls in order to cast them properly. This is why shugenja normally must have their spell-scroll in hand while they cast, so that they can read off the prayers correctly. A skilled shugenja, however can memorize the incantations by spending a number of Experience Points equal to the Mastery Level of the spell. This allows them to cast without a scroll.
Because the kami must hear the prayers, spells are normally spoken aloud. It is possible to conceal a spell, however, by muttering the prayers under one's breath, using the Stealth Skill.

Spell Casting Rolls & Spell Target Numbers

The Spell Casting Roll is a unique roll used by shugenja to entreat the kami and cast a spell. When casting a spell, a shugenja rolls a number of dice equal to his rank in the relevant Ring plus his Shugenja School Rank, and keeps a number of dice equal to his Ring. The result is compared to the spell's TN, which is equal to 5 plus (5x the spell's Mastery Level).
A shugenja may cast only a finite number of spells per day. A shugenja character has "spell slots" equal to his Ring in question. For example, a shugenja with Fire 3 can only cast up to 3 Fire spells per day. All shugenja have bonus spell slots equal to their Void Ring, however, and these can be used to cast additional spells in any element of their choice. If the shugenja described above had Fire 3 and Void 2, for example, he could theoretically cast up to 5 Fire spells in one day if he used both of his bonus spell slots to cast additional Fire spells.
A shugenja who fails a Spell Casting Roll is still considered to have used up the appropriate spell slot, as the kami are angered by his failure. However, a shugenja who succeeds in the Spell Casting Roll but then is interrupted before the spell is completed does not lose a spell slot.

Actions & Casting Time

A spell requires a number of Complex Actions equal to its Mastery Level to cast. The first of these is spent when the caster successfully makes the Spell Casting Roll against the normal TN, which is equal to 5 plus the spell's Master Level x 5. Each round thereafter, the shugenja must spend a Complex Action to continue the spell. For example, a spell of Mastery Level 3 would require three Complex Actions to complete. A shugenja casting such a spell would make his Spell Casting Roll in the first round, expend another Complex Action the second round to maintain the casting process, and complete the spell in the third round with a third and final Complex Action. A spell takes effect immediately upon the completion of the last Complex Action required o cast it, unless otherwise specified in the spell description.
A character may reduce the number of Complex Actions required to cast a spell by one for every Raise made specifically for that purpose on the Spell Casting Roll. However, this cannot reduce the casting time to less than one Complex Action.
Characters who are attempting to complete a spell can be interrupted if they suffer damage or are significantly distracted during the casting process. A shugenja who is interrupted must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll (TN 10) to overcome the distraction. If the shugenja suffers damage, the TN for the Willpower roll is 5 plus the amount of damage suffered. A spell that is disrupted in this manner cannot be completed, but the shugenja does not lose a spell slot.

Affinities & Deficiencies

Virtually all shugenja Schools ahve an Affinity for one element and a Deficiency for another. Most often, Affinities and Deficiencies are of opposing elements (Air and Eart are opposed, as are Fire and Water; Void has no opposing element). This represents both the ritualized teachings of the Great Clans and the inherently oppositional nature of the elements. A shugenja with an Affinity for an element casts spells of that element as if his Shugenja School Rank were one higher. Conversely, a shugenja Deficient in an element casts spells of that element as if his Shugenja School Rank were one lower. If this reduces the shugenja's effective School Rank to zero, he cannot cast spells of that element.

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