Heritage Tables are an optional mechanic to help players develop interesting backgrounds for their characters. By rolling on their clans’ Heritage Tables, players can create connections between their characters and the past, as well as planting plot seeds that may germinate in the future. It should be noted that not all players will wish to use Heritage Tables, however. In particular, a player who already has a fi rm character concept should be wary of the Tables, since an unlucky roll can twist or sabotage that background into something the player doesn’t want.
Some GMs may also prefer to have the players develop their own stories rather than relying on a chart to concoct background.
If the GM and players agree to use the Heritage Tables, each player may make one roll on the table for their character’s clan. (Heritage is based on clan, not on school.)
GMs who wish to allow the players a little more control over their heritage can allow them to roll two or even three times, choosing one of the results. Exceptionally generous GMs can allow the players to simply choose a preferred result from the Tables. GMs who are concerned over the impact of Heritage Tables can of course forbid their use, or reserve a "veto power" over results which would be disruptive to the campaign. Ultimately, the Heritage Tables should be treated as a tool for enhancing the game, not as a trick or a strait-jacket.

To use a Heritage Table, the player rolls a single die on the initial chart for his clan. This determines whether his character’s heritage is Shameful, Illustrious, or a Mixed blessing. The player then rolls again on the specific subtable to determine the exact nature of the heritage.
Many results on the Heritage Tables allow a character to gain a Skill Rank or an Advantage for free, or to purchase an Advantage for a reduced cost. Since this can have a significant impact on the expenditure of Experience Points, it is recommended that any Heritage rolls be made before the players begins spending Experience Points to build the character.
Conversely, some Heritage results inflict an automatic Disadvantage on the character. The player does not receive Experience Points for these Disadvantages, though their point value is unchanged for the purpose of game mechanics that target point values (such as the Bayushi Courtier techniques).

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