Families of the Spider Clan

The Chuda Family: +1 Intelligence
The spiritual heirs of the first Chuda family, wiped out centuries previously, the Chuda are a collection of ambitious and power-hungry maho-tsukai who delve into the secrets of blood magic. Their loyalties are always suspect, since they have changed masters on more than one occasion in the past.

The Daigotsu Family: +1 Stamina
The lords of the Spider Clan are far and away the most numerous of the families who comprise the Spider. Great numbers of samurai from all walks of life who have fallen to the Shadowlands Taint or succumbed to the worship of Fu Leng have embraced the philosophy and methodology of the Dark Lord Daigotsu, and eagerly enact his sinister will without consideration for their previous families and allies. Not all Daigotsu are Tainted, but a large majority of them have felt Jigoku's sinister touch.

The Goju Family: +1 Agility
In a very real way, those who bear the name Goju are no longer human. Once they served the primordial entity known as the Lying Darkness, and were little more than extensions of its will. Since its destruction, they serve its successor, the Shadow Dragon, and possess somewhat more individuality than before, although as often as not they remain faceless, soulless monstrosities.

The Spider Monks: +1 Reflexes
The strangest agents of the Spider Clan are the monks of the Order of the Spider. Many among the order have not succumbed to the Shadowlands Taint at all, but instead embrace the philosophies of the Spider because they resonate with their own desires for personal power and achievement through strength.

The Susumu Family : +1 Awareness
The Susumu family was founded in 1173 after the Imperial declaration making the Spider a Great Clan. The family took the name of Daigotsu Susumu, who is considered to be its founder, even though he was never a Daimyo and the family didnot exist until after his death.

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