Families of the Scorpion Clan

The Bayushi Family: +1 Agility

Ruthless and deceitful, the lords of the Scorpion Clan possess many talents, all of which have been put to sinister use for the benefit of their Clan and their Emperor. The Bayushi are dark, dangerous, and manipulative, and always evaluate any situation in terms of how it can best benefit themselves and the Scorpion.

The Shosuro Family: +1 Awareness

The Shosuro dwell in shadows, rarely being seen but always having an influence on those around them. They are secretive and withdrawn, keeping their own counsel but never failing to obey a command from their Bayushi lords. When the Scorpion require some impossible task performed without complication, it is a Shosuro who fulfills the duty.

The Soshi Family: +1 Intelligence

The Soshi are the main shugenja family of the Scorpion Clan, founded soon after the Clan's beginnings, and specialize in using magic to enhance the Clan's efforts in politics, deceit, and manipulation. They often work in close concert with the Shosuro, using their magic to support the Shosuro's ruthless and secret activities.

The Yogo Family: +1 Willpower

No family amoung the accepted Great Clans is more feared or reviled than the Yogo, the Scorpion Clan's second shugenja family. they are descended from a Phoenix who was cursed during the early days of the Empire to betray the one he loved the most. The curse has been passed down into the family's bloodline, and as such many avoid the Yogo whenever possible. The Yogo pay no heed to their reputation, however, and use their powerful magic in service to the Scorpion regardless of how expendable they may be considered.

Vassal Families

Aotora (Bayushi): +1 Intelligence
Rokugo (Bayushi): +1 Strength
Kochako (Shosuro ): +1 Agility
Tokagure (Shosuro): +1 Intelligence
Nanbu (Soshi): +1 Perception
Naganori (Yogo): +1 Perception
Tansaku (Yogo): +1 Intelligence

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