Families of the Phoenix Clan

The Agasha Family: +1 Perception

Once a family of the Dragon Clan, the Agasha abandoned their Togashi masters when they felt the Dragon abandoned their duties to the Empire. The Phoenix have proven much more amenable to their unique brand of magic. The Agasha are highly experimental and curious, always pushing the boundaries of what is known and what can be safely attempted when dealing with magic.

The Asako Family: +1 Awareness

The quiet, reclusive Asako are a very monastic family, living scholarly and ascetic lives more befitting the Brotherhood of Shinsei than a family of samurai. They comprise the majority of the Phoenix Clan's courtiers, and the entirety of the mysterious Henshin monks. Asako are contemplative and inquisitive, but generally without ambition other than to serve and learn.

The Isawa Family: +1 Willpower

The Isawa truly rule the Phoenix Clan, despite the presence of a Shiba Clan Champion. They are unquestionably the most knowledgeable, most powerful, and most numerous shugenja family in the Empire. Unfortunately, this has made them arrogant as well, and many Isawa constantly struggle against their own shortcomings.

The Shiba Family: +1 Perception

The Shiba are among the most scholarly and least aggressive of all bushi families. They serve the Clan and the Isawa without complaint or consideration for themselves. Although they prefer peace and compassion, the Shiba will not retreat from a battle once the Phoenix have committed themselves to an engagement.

Vassal Families

Atsumaru (Agasha): +1 Perception
Izaku (Agasha): +1 Intelligence
Chukan (Asako): +1 Intelligence
Nani (Asako): +1 Perception
Shingon (Isawa): +1 Intelligence
Nasu (Shiba): +1 Intelligence
Sesai (Shiba): +1 Agility
Sodona (Shiba): +1 Perception

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