Families of the Mantis Clan

The Kitsune Family: +1 Awareness

Formerly known as the Fox Clan, the Kitsune joined the Mantis Clan decades after the other families founded it, and only then because the Fox were on the brink of annihilation and the Yoritomo could save them, with the only price being an oath of fealty. The Kitsune are a simple, quiet people who prefer to commune with the spirits of nature in the forest rather than travel across the Empire on formal business.

The Moshi Family: +1 Intelligence

Before the formation of the Mantis as a Great Clan, the Moshi were the Centipede Clan. An extremely devout and matriarchal people, the Moshi devoted themselves to the worship of the Sun for centuries, and find their active role among the other families of the Mantis mildly uncomfortable. Still, the family has sworn an oath to the Yoritomo and refuses to break it, no matter how much their duties conflict with their philosophies.

The Tsuruchi Family: +1 Perception

Formerly known as the Wasp Clan, the Tsuruchi are without question the greatest archers in the Empire, and have focused the majority of their efforts toward maintaining that level of skill. Generally perceptive and highly athletic, the Tsuruchi excel as warriors and magistrates.

The Yoritomo Family: +1 Stamina

The lords of the Mantis are descended from the Crab, and are equally hardy in their own way. They are the unquestioned masters of the seas, having dwelled on the Islands of Silk and Spice for the entirety of their existence. The Yoritomo are a hardy, industrious people ever eager to prove themselves against the other Great Clans.

Vassal Familes

Byako (Kitsune): +1 Willpower
Shudo (Kitsune): +1 Perception
Goraiku (Moshi): +1 Reflexes
Kagehisa (Tsuruchi): +1 Awareness
Suguru (Tsuruchi): +1 Perception
Hogosha (Yoritomo): +1 Willpower
Watanabe (Yoritomo): +1 Perception

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