The Imperial Families

The Hantei Family: +1 Void
Descendants of the first Hantei (however far removed), members of the Hantei line tend to have a great destiny, and can excel in nearly any area if they have but the will to focus their efforts.

The Miya Family: +1 Reflexes
At the dawn of the Empire, Miya was assigned the duty of spreading the news of Fu Leng's defeat across Rokugan. The Miya family has continued to fulfill their duty as heralds and peacemakers with diligence and pride. Miya samurai tend to be solemn, quiet, and focused on upholding their great responsibilities.

The Otomo Family: +1 Intelligence
The Otomo name is often invoked with an undertone of fear, a sentiment easily understood in Rokugan. The Otomo are frightful predators of the Empire's courts, utilizing every advantage of their rank to its utmost potential. The Otomo are manipulative, fiendishly clever, and seem to have no remorse in verbally and politically devastating their foes. It is said that the court is a battlefield deadlier than combat, an adage the Otomo seem to gleefully prove every day. Members of the royal family who do not ascend to the throne often renounce their family name and join the Otomo family.

The Seppun Family: +1 Agility
Seppun was one of Hantei's most loyal followers and the family remains closest to the Imperial line. Seppun samurai are dedicated to the health of the Empire and will perform all duties required to maintain the status quo, from the bureaucratic table to the chaos of the battlefield. Members of the royal family who do not ascend to the throne sometimes renounce their family name and join the Seppun family, although this is less common than the Otomo family.

The Toturi Family: +1 Willpower
The leaders of the Toturi dynasty rewarded their most loyal heroes with the Toturi name. As a result, the Toturi family is formed by those of the greatest bravery and talent. Only a dozen warriors bear the Toturi name at any time, each one with the potential to be one of the leaders of his generation.

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