Families of the Crab Clan

The Hida Family: +1 Strength

The descendants of the Kami Hida are among the largest and most powerful samurai in all the Empire. The burden of defending the Empire falls upon them, and they are both incredible warriors and skilled defensive tacticians. Hida samurai often resent the other Clans for enjoying their protection even as they mock the Crab for their mannerisms.

The Hiruma Family: +1 Agility

Silent and deadly, the Hiruma are the scouts and yojimbo of the Crab. They are as agile and graceful as the Hida are powerful, and warriors from the two families tend to complement one another very well. Hiruma samurai often have the unsavory duty of scouting the Shadowlands for enemies, a task that leads many to death or ruination.

The Kaiu Family: +1 Intelligence

The industrious Kaiu are responsible for th emost impressive and long-standing feats of engineering in all the Empire. They are the siege engineers and architects of the Crab Clan, and are responsible for maintaining the Great Carpenter Wall as well as its defenses.

The Kuni Family: +1 Intelligence

Sinister in appearance and deed, the Kuni are among the most feared shugenja families in the Empire. Long ago, the family's leadership determined the only hope of defeating the Shadowlands lay in understanding it, and so the Kuni possess knowledge of things that would drive most men mad.

The Toritaka Family: +1 Perception

The tiny Toritaka family was once known as the Falcon Clan before tragedy threatened to destroy the Minor Clan completely. It was absorbed by the Crab to prevent a threat from growing within its ranks. The Toritaka hail from a region frequented by spirits, and they are highly knowledgeable about ghosts and spirits of all different sorts.

The Yasuki Family: +1 Awareness

Strangely at odds with the other Crab families, the Yasuki are slight of build and devious of mind. They were once part of the Crane Clan, but joined the Crab in the third century, provoking the first great internal war in Rokugani history. They are merchants and courtiers, always looking for any means to gain an advantage for their Clan, and tend to be more concerned with monetary gain than is considered respectable for someone of the samurai caste.

Vassal Families

Kakeguchi (Hida): +1 Agility
Moshibaru (Hida): +1 any Physical
Endo (Hiruma): +1 Intelligence
Raikuto (Hiruma/Yasuki): +1 Intelligence
Fundai (Kaiu): +1 Intelligence
Maisuna (Kaiu): +1 Strength
Meishozo (Kuni): +1 Willpower
Ugawari (Kuni): +1 Strength
Kano (Yasuki): +1 Awareness
Nobuto (Yasuki): +1 Strength

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