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Character Generation

The following section is a very general overview of character creation. At the bottom of the page, click on the CharGen link for a more in depth guide to the process.

Step 1: Pick Your Clan

This is the most defining aspect of any Legend of the Five Ring character, and the one that will most impact your roleplaying experience. Select the Great Clan or Minor Clan from which your character originates. Characters from the Imperial families requires GM approval beforehand.

Step 2: Pick Your Family

Even within a single clan, the various families offer a wide variety of characters that can be created. Once your clan is chosen, pick one of the families that make up the clan in order to receive additional benefits. The mechanical benefits of individual families are listed under the Great Clans to which they belong.

Step 3: Heritage Table

Characters in

Step 4: Pick Your School

Within the families of the Great Clans there are various Schools that teach ancient, secret Techniques of considerable power. These give characters an edge over their enemies and identify them as a trusted member of the clan.

Step 5: Customize Your Character

Experience Points are given to characters to represent the improvement of their abilities over time based upon the hardships they have faced. They are given to characters at the end of adventures, but also at the time of character creation in order to represent all that a character has learned during their lifetime up to the point that the campaign begins. A normal starting character begins with 40 Experience Points to spend on purchasing Traits, Advantages, and Skills. Additional Experience Points may be acquired by purchasing Disadvantages.

Step 6: Derived Attributes

Certain abilities or traits that a character possesses are determined based upon other things. To complete your character, note his Honor (defined by School), Status (1.0 by default), Glory (1.0 by default), and calculate his Insight Rank.

Click CharGen for character creation.

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